Departure But Never Ended

Start of the journey

On the journey of life when I came to know about the destinies, fluctuations, and experiences with others, the thing that made me confused, worried, and somehow quiet, why I am created, what is the role of me in the world. How to communicate and deliver my words.

Hassan Amal Alunmni

Ruquia batch 132

Here are Hassan and Ruquai who pushed me to do an Amal fellowship. I asked this question to myself again and again. Why I am in Physiology. Confusion increased with the passage of time in university. The thing that’s about I was sure just was life is a journey, collection of journeys towards the destination. I was looking for the right way for me.

My class fellow friend and my brother are very close to mine. So they also know about my confusions and they also complete their amal fellowship, so they suggest I do this.

During my call interview for fellowship, mam asked me the question why I want to join this fellowship, the first thing that came unexpectedly to my mind was how we can effectively communicate, and amal fellowship provides me with a chance to improve myself.

So the Journey started and During the amazing journey, I realized that the amal fellowship is not only about teaching me how I should communicate but also about how we can improve and polish ourselves professionally and emotionally as well. And This only possible because of our experienced instructors and amazing and talented amal fellows.

Here are some amazing amal fellows and instructors. You all people help me to improve myself in a safe environment. At the end of the amal fellowship, I am more confident and feel more organized.

Lots of memories and emotional things come to mind when I am writing this blog but unable to give them words. Because of you people the journey was amazing and more productive. At last, I want to say Thank You Amal Fellows and Thank you Amal Academy.💕🎉🎉🎉